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Rim Rock Outfitters is the premier choice for all your Colorado hunting needs. Our team has a vast knowledge of hunting in and around Colorado. From walking hunts to rough country hunts using 4×4 vehicles, at Rim Rock Outfitters, we do it all! If you are seeking a high caliber hunt, then look no further than the guides at Rim Rock Outfitters. We will not only lead you to the action but will help in the field preparation and preservation of your prized trophies.

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Our team provides personalized trips for the novice, family, hard-core experienced hunter, and corporate entertainment. Rim Rock Outfitters motto is Our Success Speaks for Itself. We specialize in guided hunts, but also provide drop camp hunts for those who are more experienced. Our entire staff is fully trained in CPR and First Aid to ensure your safety throughout your hunting expedition.

From our personalized corporate hunts to family hunts, we guarantee you will have the greatest hunting expedition of a lifetime. Rim Rock Outfitters is here to create lifelong memories with experienced and personable hunting guides. Each hunt that we personalize is completed in a manner to fit the individual needs of our clients. We are vastly skilled in all aspects of hunting, camping, and guiding in beautiful Colorado. We want to make your next Colorado Hunt memorable and safe! Contact us today to plan your next guided or unguided hunt!

safe, fun, and unforgetable experience

We provide lodging for all our guided hunts and ensure each expedition is a successful outing. Rim Rock
Outfitters specializes in the following types of Colorado hunts:


  • ¬†Bobcat Hunts
  • Mountain Lion Hunts
  • Mule Deer Hunts
  • Elk Hunts


“Five Stars!”

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